Lending restrictions present challenges and opportunities

Recently the NZ trading banks have tightened restrictions following implementation of the Responsible Lending Code and as a reaction to fallout from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking Industry in Australia.

The has meant developers who are trying to secure finance to fund the completion of their projects have been facing a tough lending market.

New Players

Local property developers are finding challenges securing finance to fund the completion of projects, overseas lenders have seized the opportunity to enter the New Zealand property market.

Mainly from Australia, Singapore and Hong-Kong, new lenders are entering the $5m – $150m first mortgage market and funding medium and large-scale developments as well as focusing on large land banking facilities of up to $50m.


Local property developers can now access new sources of funding provided they engage the right local financier that has established a direct relationship with new lenders in our market.

For funding requirements over $5m, Property Finance NZ can help you arrange property development finance through these overseas firms.

Development Finance NZ is perfectly positioned to help you complete your projects by providing in-house funding options for the under $5m range.


Development Finance NZ can help you navigate and fulfil the requirements to get your project funded. Our specialists will analyse your project and provide you with the clearest pathway to secure funding. A free overview of your funding options is typically available within 24 hours.

Call Blair Brooks on +64 9 215 0939 or email blair@pfnz.co.nz to discuss your project.


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